Shiny square-pusher server to host a Shiny app for $5.50 per month, company says

Axios — A new startup announced today plans to offer a free service that allows users to create a Shiny square and then upload a screenshot of their app’s UI to it.

The app, Shiny Squares, has the tagline “Create beautiful apps for free.”

The company, ShinySquares, says it will start offering free monthly services in the coming weeks.

“We believe that a lot of our customers are looking for an easy way to create beautiful, user-friendly apps for the internet of things,” the company’s CEO and co-founder, Adam Gazzaley, said in a blog post.

“ShinySquares solves that problem by providing free monthly templates to get the job done quickly and efficiently.”

Shiny Squares currently lets users create up to six images in each square, and each image has its own icon, which users can drag and drop onto the square.

They can then upload the square’s UI as a thumbnail, share it on social media or post it to their own blog or website.

The company plans to launch an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as desktop, that will allow users to upload their own images and share them to their app.

Gazzaley said the startup also plans to add a widget service for iOS that will let users easily share the UI of their apps with the world.

The new service is being developed by Axios, which has a relationship with ShinySquades, but it also has a presence in the App Store, the company said.

The app, which was launched last month, has more than 50,000 monthly active users.