r shiny.server maxrequeriesize

A shiny server with maxrequestersize is a server that has a max size.

The max size is defined by the size of the resource, not the amount of requests it can handle.

The limit for this server is the maximum amount of resources the client can handle, not maximum resources it can process.

If you want to have a max server size, you can create one with a minimum amount of request resources and a maximum number of requests the server can handle with the maximum parameter.

For example, if you want your shiny server to handle 5,000 requests, the minimum amount is 10,000 and the maximum is 50,000.

If this shiny server is used for a production website, it would be best to limit the max size to 10,0000 requests.

If your shiny is used as a server to process a subset of the resources it’s using, such as a large number of video requests, it’s best to keep it at the minimum.

You can limit the maximum size to a value of 1,000 or a value greater than 1, but you must not exceed the max resource limit.

Example: if you have a production shiny server and you want it to process 5,0000 resources, you might want it run at a maximum of 100,000 resources, and at a minimum of 200,000 services.

For more information, see the shiny.maxparameters article.