How to turn an iPhone or iPad into a web server (in about 10 minutes)

Hacker News user ken-wong wrote in September 2017 that he’d installed an Android app called Shiny Web Server on his Mac and installed it to serve up shiny HTML and JavaScript files for his website.

He wrote that it was “simple and straight forward.”

But when he tried to upload a shiny web page to his website, the Shiny Web server would not connect to the device.

“When I tried to connect to my web server, it failed and I got an error message,” he wrote.

“It is possible to configure Shiny Web Servers to run on your Mac.

But to do this, you need to have a Web server that is installed on your device.”

To fix the issue, he installed Shiny WebServer, and then used a tool called wget to download a zip file containing the shiny.html file from GitHub.

He then ran the shinyjs.exe file, which opens a Shiny Web browser.

He added a line to the file that specifies the location of the shiny web site, then ran “wget -O shiny.js” to download the shiny file.

Afterward, he opened the shiny server on his Android device and loaded the HTML and Javascript files.

He said he’s been using Shiny Web Services since June 2017, and the app has served up more than 3 million pages.

He’s also created an app for his home theater, and his business has become popular.

The developer has been contacted by Apple about the problem.

The app, Shiny Web Player, does not include the option to run Shiny Web servers on an iOS device, so it doesn’t include a GUI interface for users to configure and run the server.

He says the Shiny web server is still in development and is not yet ready for general release.