‘Shiny’ new server is coming soon, but what about Google?

The new shiny server is being built by Google and Google is not happy about it.

The news came via the latest Google+ post from one of its engineers, who claimed that it was “just a placeholder” and that they are “working on a new shiny service.”

Google says it will be releasing an official announcement about the new shiny in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear what the official announcement will be about.

Google says its shiny servers are not “connected” to Google+ or any other Google services, but instead, are a separate server, built by its own engineers.

Google has not said whether or not the shiny servers will be able to connect to Google’s search, search, and services services.

Google also said in a statement to CNBC that “we haven’t had time to fully evaluate the security of the shiny service and its deployment.

We are committed to making this clear in a way that is consistent with Google+ and our broader policies and practices.”

Google+ is a service where people share photos, videos, and other content.

It has more than 25 million users and is designed to make it easier for people to interact with each other and with the web.