MTV has made an action-packed sequel to its hit hit show – but what does it mean for the future of the genre?

MTV has long been considered a golden age for TV, but there are fears it’s time for the industry to move on. 

The network launched its biggest-ever pay TV business last year with a deal with Netflix.

Its hit shows include reality TV show The Real World, The Voice and RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

It also launched the hit music streaming service SoundCloud and the popular Music Theory podcast. 

In September, MTV also made a sequel to the cult hit Teen Wolf, but that only lasted for a single season.

It also announced plans to expand its library of original shows in 2018, with shows including Nashville, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Fresh Off the Boat, American Crime and Modern Woman. 

But with the popularity of shows like The Real World and The Vibe, many have questioned whether the format is really dead. 

MTV has said that it’s focused on growing the brand and the business, and will continue to make shows that are more relevant to today’s world. 

However, it is also said that the network is considering launching new shows that will not have the same “pop” factor that the current hits have. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the network wants to make new shows “for a more eclectic audience”. 

Mtv has previously said that its plan is to make “new” shows that would not fit in with the current mainstream trends. 

“The network is looking to create new shows with an even more eclectic mix of genres,” a spokesperson for the network told the Journal.

“The network doesn’t have an exact date for when we’ll launch new shows, but we are in the early stages of the process.” 

What are your thoughts on MTV’s plans?

Would you want to see a new series like Teen Wives or Nakayama? 

Do you think the format should be re-evaluated?