How to spot the shiny server on a Windows Server 2016 installation

Windows Server 2012 R2 is the latest version of Windows Server, which was launched in 2007.

Windows Server 2013 R2 will be released later this year.

This article will help you determine if your Windows Server installation is running a shiny server.

It can be difficult to know if your server is running shiny because of the number of available servers, the number that is actually running shiny, and the fact that you can only see shiny servers running on your Windows computer.

Windows is not the only operating system that does not support shiny servers.

Linux and MacOS do not have shiny servers and neither does Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Microsoft has also added a feature to Windows Server called a shiny-client to allow you to check your Windows server’s shiny status and get notification when a shiny version is available.

Before we begin, though, let’s look at the different server types and how to identify them.