Shiny Server, the shiny server analytics website, announced a major upgrade to its shiny server dashboard on Tuesday, November 13.

This new dashboard features a new look and a new design, according to the company’s founder, Adam Riehl.

The shiny server’s new look will include an updated design and a redesigned dashboard, which includes a new search bar, a redesigned search page, and more.

The new shiny server will be free for existing shiny servers and shiny clients for a limited time on Wednesday, November 14.

It is available for desktop and mobile users.

“We’re excited to have you onboard with us and have some exciting new features to share with you,” Riell wrote in a blog post.

“The shiny server has undergone some major upgrades, including a new interface, more content, a refreshed search page and a brand new dashboard that brings all of your shiny server metrics to one place.

Check it out!”

Riel also noted that the shiny servers now have the ability to add new features and data, including more search options.

“You can even take the shiny dashboard for a spin in the browser,” he wrote.

“Just like on any shiny server we’ll be hosting this for free.”

A new shiny browser update also allows you to easily add new shiny servers to your shiny list.

The update will also be available on iOS and Android devices.

“For the first time ever, we are making shiny servers available for free,” Riedhl wrote.

The Shiny Server update comes as the company has been growing rapidly in the past year.

On January 12, the company raised a total of $15 million in funding, bringing its total funding to more than $60 million.

“It’s been an amazing year and a half for Shiny,” Rieshl wrote on November 13, adding that the company plans to use the new funding to “build the next phase of the shiny network” with “bigger data, new features, and new services.”

“The next phase will include a new shiny client to bring shiny data to more customers, and an even bigger shiny server that will bring even more shiny data,” Riewhl wrote in his blog post announcing the shiny client update.

“These new shiny clients will be a key part of our next phase.”