Shiny server connect: Send messages from Shiny client to server function shiny

A new feature in the Shiny client has made it possible to send messages from your Shiny client through a Shiny server.

When you have the app installed, you can connect to your Shiny server by opening up the Shiny app and tapping the server link.

When this is done, you will see a new window pop up that looks something like this: Now tap the Send button to send a message to your server.

You will be asked to choose a server address and password.

Tap Send to send the message.

Your message will then be sent to your new server address, which is exactly what you expected.

You can find out more about sending messages to your servers in the server guide.

Once the message is sent, it will automatically update the Shiny server with the message as soon as it is received by the server.

The server will automatically respond to messages when you press Send again, so you can easily reply to a message by tapping on the message in the message window.

Once you reply, you are asked to confirm the message, which you can do by tapping Confirm.

If you want to change the recipient of a message, you simply need to click on the Message button in the notification area.