How to use shinyproxy to connect to ShinyProxy and ShinyServer

By using ShinyProxy or ShinyServer, you can easily connect to a ShinyProxy cluster using a shinyproxy proxy, and then connect to any ShinyServer cluster via shinyproxy server.

If you don’t already have a shiny proxy configured, you’ll need to set one up.

To set up a shiny Proxy server, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the ShinyProxy panel.

Then, click Add to get started.

If it asks for your username and password, enter the same credentials you use when configuring your ShinyProxy server.

Otherwise, leave it blank.

If the shinyproxy configuration window asks you for a username and passwords, enter them.

You can also choose to use a different username and passphrase if you prefer.

After choosing the username and credentials, click OK to save the change.

You should now be able to connect and connect to both ShinyProxy servers using a simple HTTP GET.