How to set up a shiny server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

How to setup a shiny new shiny server.

This article is a bit long but it’s pretty self explanatory. 

This article covers the basic steps needed to set things up for a shiny shiny server in Ubuntu 14 and above.

How to set a shiny servers uptime.

What’s a shiny.

This is the main part of setting up a server.

I’ll cover the basics, how to connect, set up the IP address, and more. 

I also’ll explain why we’re going to need the IP and DNS for the shiny server and how to set those up.

The basics.

This section covers how to setup the IP addresses for the server.

Setting up the DNS.

This section covers the DNS setup.

A simple tutorial.

In this section, we’ll walk through setting up the servers IP address and DNS, as well as the setting up of a simple DNS server.

The article also shows how to configure a couple of web applications that will act as a shiny interface to the shiny servers.

Installing a shiny-server Setting Up the Shiny Server On Ubuntu 14 This section shows you how to install a shiny Shiny server on the Ubuntu 14 system.

This guide is only for Ubuntu 14, so it’s still somewhat advanced.

If you’re planning on running this server on a more recent Ubuntu system, please refer to the previous tutorial.